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Domaine Justin Girardin Santenay Vieilles Vignes

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This red wine is made from several parcels: one in the lower part of the Bievaux, on the Clos Genet and on the Sous la Roche climate. The origin of the name "Les Bievaux" is detailed on the page "Les Terrasses de Bievaux". Clos Genet is a climate located west of Santenay which is said to have belonged to the Genet family, a name that is very common in the Côte d'Or and the Saône et Loire. The climat Sous le Roche is on the top of the hillside and takes its name from a large limestone cliff above the parcel.

These three parcels on three different climates do not have the same terroir, but have similar characteristics. Firstly, the south-east exposure and then a clayey-limestone soil which is predominantly clay, and which remains relatively thin compared to some Premiers Crus. By blending the wine from these different parcels, we obtain a wine rich in fruity aromas balanced with the woody character of the vinification.