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Fifty Pounds London Dry Gin

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The makers of Fifty Pounds Gin have brought to life a gin recipe created and so-named as to mock the 50 £ levy that the crown sought to collect from the thousands of unlicensed distillers across England upon passage of the 1736 Gin Act. We all know how that went. And if you don’t, let’s just say “The Gin Craze” sure didn’t end in 1736 when as according to the story, only two distillers ever paid the preposterous tax. More reasonable prohibition would win out by the second half of the century; but the memory of the tax remains to this day.

The recipe behind this gin was created, and then locked away (so the legend says) was only recently brought back to life by John Dore & Co. Limited, who did so in trying to respect the original recipe’s intentions.