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Tertulia Cellars Sobra Red Blend

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The term ’Terroir’ is our attempt at expressing the qualities imparted by a specific area on a wine. In other words, it is ’somewhereness’. Traditionally we look to the soil, slope, aspect, meso- and micro- climates to define this. Tertulia Cellars was founded on the belief that people are equally integral to the definition of ’Terroir’. Just as we shape the land we live and work on, we impact the ’somewhereness’ of our vineyards. The character and ethics of the people who nurture the vines are imparted as characteristics of the fruit and then as nuances of the wine. And finally, wine is a subjective thing, never independent of its surroundings, how it is stored, when and with what it is served, and by whom it is drunk. Tertulia literally means a social gathering of friends and we believe it is the final layer of ’Terroir’ in our wines. We are pleased to have you join us in the ’somewhereness’ of these wines, not as a bystander, but as an element of their qualities.?